This is a Prophetic Word from Barbara Chambers who is part of the Christ at Home Team in London, UK




When we finished our Apostolic Prophetic Teacher (APT) Training on one of the Wednesday Zoom meetings, I perceived in my Spirit that the Lord was speaking from Psalm 22:27, which says that All the Families of the Earth will come and worship Him. We are blessed by the Father and He will use us to bring in a big Harvest of Families to Him.


He has been preparing our families and homes through the Teaching and training of ‘Christ at Home and from Home to Workplace’ for what’s coming in this new era, and we need to be ready for this Harvest among families.


When families build on the Rock of Christ and the storms come they will not fall, but those who build on the sand, following the World’s ways will fall when troubles come to them. Through this virus, many families are in fear and turmoil, they do not know what to do and they are looking for answers, however with Christ at Home we are growing together as strong families, established in faith, and we are able to give them the love, hope and solutions they need.


We need to be patient at this time and let our heavenly Father continue to transform our families from the inside out, so that our Homes be filled with the Presence of His Glory; then we will see signs, wonders and miracles in our families and homes, like the Church in the Letter of Colossians, and we shall experience the fullness of the Godhead living through us.


‘I heard these words very clearly, “The Power of Heaven is invading, The Power of Heaven is prevailing, The Power of Heaven is inhabiting, The Power of Heaven is now shaking the Earth.”’


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