Before the Throne of Heaven: “Give Way” & Listen!

Let our spirit hear our Father God’s Voice leading us into our destiny with Him, as King David did in Psalm 62:1,5.



The greatest competitor to hearing the Father’s voice is our soul. It always wants to dominate our spirit but by the Power of the Holy Spirit operating in us, we can command our soul to be silent.


The Debating Chambers of the House of Commons and the House of Lords of the British Parliament show us how we can listen to the One on the Throne of Heaven. When one Minister or Lord stands to speak and another objects or wants to intervene with a better solution, a hand signal is made, and the one speaking uses the term “I give way to…” and he or she gives the name of the one who wants to intervene and sits down so that the other can stand and speak.


In the same way, we frequently need to give way to our Honourable LORD, and Saviour, Jesus Christ, when He wants to intervene and speak. We need to say to our souls, give way to the Spirit (Psalm 62: 1,5) and we need to sit down and listen because He has the solution, His word is always better than ours (Luke 10:38-42).


Worship at Home and in your workplace and practice being silent before the Throne to listen to Him. The Kingdom of God is the Government of Heaven. At all levels, from the home to workplaces to national governments, listening is an essential component of governmental protocol. Silencing our mind, will and emotions in a quiet, calm place helps us to listen with our spirit to God’s Spirit.


A Throne represents the Supreme Sovereignty of Government. All types of government are composed of Authority and Power. Silence recognises authority so that power can be released to transform our lives and circumstances, on earth as it is in heaven.


When a teacher walks into a Classroom or when a Judge walks into the Court, people stand and are silent, this is out of respect and recognition for the Authority that has just entered the room.


In the same way, when we are before Heaven’s Throne in our Worship and Intercession, it’s necessary to command the soul to be silent and recognise the Authority of Father God. Listening is part of Heaven’s protocol for His Divine Order to be established.


When people do not listen, they cannot follow instructions and there is disorder; whether in a marriage, with parents and children, in schools and universities, in the workplace or in the army. In addition, when they do not pay attention, they cannot understand a thing and they remain in ignorance, in fear and darkness, so they do not know what will happen next. This results in disorder causing conflict which separates us from each other and from being blessed.


When we yield to Father God in silence and listen with our spirit to His Holy Spirit, we hear His Voice above every other competing voice, and as we respond in obedience to His Word, we are transformed as well as our relationships and our circumstances too.


Order follows silence. Instruction follows silence. Understanding follows silence. Blessing follows silence as it works to settle the storms of the soul allowing the Holy Spirit to take the lead and direct us to our Creator’s designed destiny for our lives, families and nations.


Practice being silent before the One on the Throne today, listen to the Word of God to you and obey! Just One Word from the One on the Throne can transform your life!

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