Before the Throne of Heaven: Listening is part of Intimacy!

The Power of Silence transforms us from a Self-centred life to a life of Intimacy with the Father; as we learn to recognise and Listen to His Voice, we become consciously aware we are One in Spirit with the Father and the Son and our lives are transformed forever!


There is continual worship, intercession, and movement before, at and around the Throne of Heaven and it is not a silent place (Revelation 4:5). It will be silent for only half an hour as prophesied in Revelation 8:1. What we hear at the Throne is the Father speaking to the Son, and then the Son speaks to us through the Holy Spirit (As shown in the Book of Isaiah 6:8-9). So if we are going to hear what the Spirit is

saying we need to be silent and “plugged in” to hear what is being said at Heaven’s Throne.


In our busy lifestyles, there are many competing demands for our attention; however, have we ever thought that our Heavenly Father is also waiting for us to give Him some attention? This is not based on any need of His but, based on His divine love and eternal purpose in creating us as relational beings made in His likeness and image, He wants to share Himself with us!

Our origin and our very Life and spiritual

DNA or lineage comes His Spirit  and is sustained by Him (Acts 17:24-25,28; Genesis 1:26).


We have become so self-centred, seeking attention for ourselves all the time. We are so insecure that we need constant affirmation or we become offended. We are so fearful of not having enough so we fill our lives with the idolatrous background noise of life, with sounds, frequencies and voices which do not satisfy or meet our true needs, but all we need to do is to sit and listen to One Voice, to hear One Word, to receive and live One Life; summarised in the person of Christ (Luke 10:39,42).


The One who is on the Throne of Heaven is the only One who has the ultimate true Right to demand to be listened to, but He doesn’t demand it; because that would enslave us, as slaves to a master. This is all about a loving and intimate relationship with Him as Father and not a religious ritual of prayer, by imposition or obligation.


Therefore, as you set time aside for Him in a quiet place, you are actually before Heaven’s Throne.

Then, by faith, Listen to His Voice with an open and pure heart, and as a true son or daughter of our Heavenly Father you will hear His Voice and be guided by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).

The Holy Spirit of the Father wants to speak to your spirit today through the Son who is on the Throne!

Also, let’s remember not to rush before the Throne but wait patiently for Him and He will speak.



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