Before the Throne: The Blessing of Listening in Silence

The Blessing of Listening in Silence is we experience the Divine Love of the Father’s acceptance and intimacy. We receive affirmation and clarity of purpose. We are Strengthened in our spirit and soul with deep joy, peace, gratitude and satisfaction.


In silence we listen and recognise; His Lordship and Authority as the great Intercessor, our Advocate in Heaven who is working on our behalf, our Judge who paid the ransom for our life, our Creator who has made us new creatures one with Christ and His nature and our Saviour who gave himself to deliver us from slavery and the destructive nature of sin, sickness and eternal separation (death). We acknowledge He is our Lord, we belong to Him and we have a beautiful restored relationship with our Father God.


We listen to hear His Voice because we know that just one word from the King can change our life, our circumstances, our family and our nation.


King David said in Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”.  To get to know and enjoy any intimate relationship we need to listen to each other in times of quiet, stillness and rest together. In the same way, we will never know the great I AM, and we will never experience intimacy with our divine Father, unless we are still, silent, listening to Him.


As we focus on the One on the Throne and ask Him, “Speak to me, I am listening” (Samuel 3:9) then He sees we are paying attention and we will hear His voice, we will know Him intimately. He will reveal His Heart, His Love, His Will and His Purpose in all we do. We will stop asking “why?” and ask, “What is your purpose through this?” You will hear His counsel, His guidance leading you through (Romans 8:14).


We need faith to connect earth to Heaven, but faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). However to hear, we need to be silent, to listen, to linger a while. Practice lingering in His Presence, and before the Throne I hear Him say; “Don’t rush out, don’t rush away, stay a little longer, I like it this way”! Our Heavenly Father doesn’t shout at His children, He speaks and often very softly. It’s His Spirit’, His Pnuema, like a breath, like a tender kiss. Let Him kiss you today!


He invites you to come closer to the Throne, as Isaiah did in Isaiah 6:7-8, and see whether you can make God’s heart burn a little, from the Altar of His heart to yours? A glowing coal from His hearth will say “Not Guilty” and a coal-on-fire from yours will say, “Thank you”! And you will hear His heart’s desire saying, “Whom shall we send?” And from the platform of love and intimacy you will be able to respond to Him gladly and reply, “Here am, I send me”!