For the first time, the Spanish speaking community of the United Kingdom was invited to worship and pray in the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster. The invitation was extended by the Gratitude Initiative in collaboration with Christ at Home.


The objective was to pray and give thanks to God and the Nation for receiving and giving a home to the Spanish speaking community.


The evening was hosted by Bishop Christopher Chessun, Lord of Southwark, and Nidia Gonzalez and Rosemary Gibbons, Directors of Christ at Home, shared the vision of Christ at Home and from Home to Workplace


The Gratitude initiative directed by Dr Girma Bishaw explained “The mission of the Gratitude Initiative is to encourage and promote a ‘gratitude culture’ in Britain…in our personal as well as our communal lives. For this reason, we see gratitude as a vehicle towards both a fulfilled self and a harmonious society”. He   updated the Leaders on how it is gaining momentum in the country, to create an environment of gratitude and positive appreciation for each other, to replace a negative narrative between people groups and to bring reconciliation.


Pastors and ministers, intercessors, Youth and Education Leaders and students gave testimonies of gratitude during the evening. Dr Bishaw challenged the participants to put gratitude into action in their daily lives and gave an assignment to each one to write three thank-you letters and to feedback with the testimonies of the responses to their actions accordingly. These testimonies will be presented as a thank offering on the 12th of September next year.


The Gratitude Initiative will be hosting a gathering on the 12th of September 2020 in St Pauls Cathedral with 20 community leaders from 100 different nations that live in the United Kingdom, to give thanks to God and to  testify to the good attributes of this society and encourage greater integration in the nation.

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