The Kingdom of Heaven operates with commands. The Old and New Testament are founded on Heaven’s commandments. Jesus Christ defined love when he said, “You love me if you keep my commands” and He is the Commander of the Armies of Heaven.



On Tuesday 24/03/20 a prophetic rhema word referring to the Corona-virus COVID-19 was received in a vision from the Lord which stated: 

“It’s time to command “STOP” 🛑 to this virus.”

Only the legitimate sons of the Kingdom can decommission it and dethrone it. When a prince or king is dethroned, he loses his crown, which represents his power.


The following day the Prophetic Word received was “It is losing its potency” confirming the weakening of the virus’ power due its’ decommissioning and dethroning by the heavenly Command “STOP” having being released on earth the day before. So now, we refer to it as “the virus” not “Corona-virus” because corona means crown and it has lost its crown!


We can pray, declare, or decree, but a Command is a direct order that comes from Throne of Grace to be released from Heaven to earth by His legislators (prophetic intercessors) because it is not God’s will to afflict the sons of men but he desires all to be saved through the blood of Christ (Lam. 3:33, 1 Tim. 2:4).


Command a ‘Stop’ 🛑 to the virus. This is the time for you to recalibrate your home to align with Heaven and crown Christ at home, in your home!


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