Faith is for Now! A continuous download for living supernaturally Now!




God is Omnipresent, He exists in eternity, outside time in the realm where it is always NOW with God.


On Earth we enter Chronos time, chronological time, ‘before, present and after’ time but in Heaven we have Kairos time, God’s Perfect time, “complete in every way”, the present and continuous ‘Now’ time.


By FAITH we connect God’s Kairos time to earth’s Chronos time. Our Faith in action brings heaven’s ‘Now’ time to manifest on earth! So Faith is always NOW!


Hebrews 11:1-4 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony”.


Faith is of the Spirit in substance and this faith is the instrument God has deposited in everyone’s spiritual, divine, DNA to connect to Him from the earthly, visible realm to the heavenly spiritual realm.


The only way to connect to Heaven’s realm and Father God Himself, is by faith. We all have a measure of the substance of faith because God’s Spirit breathed into us His Spirit life, His substance,  (Genesis 2:7). Now the nature of this Faith substance enables us to connect to the Holy Spirit of God, directly from our spirit to His.


EVERY TIME you speak with God, worship Him, serve Him, intercede, pray or connect with Him in any way it is only by operating through faith, using the “Faith channel’!


The mode of transport from earth to heaven is the “Vehicle of faith”, then things start to move, flow, shift, accelerate, break-through, heal, multiply, perfect themselves on earth as they are in heaven!


In the Bible, to hear God is to listen attentively and understand, with the intention to obey Him. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God the Father. As you read the Bible, above your mental engagement, engage your faith, your spirit, which in your core being, with His Holy Spirit. Listen, understand and obey Abba Father today and you will be walking in Faith!


Download more Faith today and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, and reveal Christ himself to you, through reading His Word (John 14: 6-14, 23-27). A Faith filled life is a satisfying and supernatural one!