There is a global mobilisation of the children of Spirit rising up. It is an army of Prophetic Intercessory Worshippers, with one Spirit and Purpose, to reveal the life of Christ and his Kingdom, and to return the Presence of his Glory in the family and workplace.


The focus of this mobilisation is to return our hearts to Christ and the Father. As we worship the Kings of Kings in the beauty of his Holiness, exalting him and declaring the songs from his throne our identity, name and destiny is aligned to His perfect will and eternal purpose. It manifests the Spirit of Prophecy, which is the revelation of Jesus Christ to impart his life and his global plans on earth.


This mobilisation is calling us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ, as a bride with the bridegroom, remaining in love with him daily and living by his Word, which is like kisses from his mouth. The Church needs to recover her position focusing and loving her Beloved who is coming soon.


Prophetic Worship and Intercession will continue in our hearts, homes and workplaces and extend to other territories, nations and continents.  This activated life of daily intercessory worship will bring revelation to families, children, youth, business people, government and spheres of influence of how to operate from a platform of Love to become children of intimacy with the Father.


The Apostolic and Prophetic Ecclesia will come forth with a new song of the Spirit to legislate from Heaven to Earth as prophetic intercessors. There will be no more worship from the soul and we will discern the difference between the Humanistic House focused on man and the House of Prayer focused on Christ our Beloved.


Through this Holy Spirit directed mobilisation, the Father is connecting Prophetic Intercessory Worshippers who are working together with Intercessory Groups in homes, local congregations, Training Centres, Missions and Kingdom Evangelists.


We are crying out for families, missions and nations, and we are entering the nations through Prophetic and Intercessory Worship. This mobilisation is equipping and preparing the Body of Christ for the return of the King, and return the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers. It is opening the eyes of understanding and revealing Christ to the people of Israel.


It is a mobilisation of the sons and daughters of the Spirit that will invade society from a platform of intimacy with a nature of love and spirit of forgiveness. Worship, Intercession and Training will happen more organically as the Ecclesia meets in homes, family businesses, offices, factories, warehouses, schools, colleges, universities, and governmental places.


The church was called to represent Christ, until Christ be formed in us.

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