Welcome to the twenties! 2020 promises to be a Fruitful Year and Decade of Discipleship of the nations.



This discipleship starts with one. One person, each one of us, being taught by the Holy Spirit as we worship, intercede, listen to Him and His Word through the Bible and Rhema prophetic Word in the secret place with Christ at Home.


It continues with one family. Both through our biological family and spiritual family of the Body of Christ, the Ekklesia practising the Presence of God, at Home and in small and large gatherings. When we are one in Spirit, with the one mind of Christ and one will of the Father we experience His Kingdom being established at home, work and in our times of recreation.


Discipleship is disciplined spiritual training to be like Christ and to govern supernaturally (spiritually) like Christ does, with righteousness, justice, truth and mercy over ourselves, our relationships and circumstances. We learn what it is to enjoy the freedom of being reconciled sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and not slaves to self or others through work, the distractions of the world or destructive and deceitful vices of Satan (disguised in deceptive lifestyles, ideologies, philosophies or religious mindsets).


Christ Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, eternally.

He is the Eternal One. The One who is to come as the Christ, the True Messiah, the King of Glory, the King of kings and Lord of lords. There is none greater than Him. He is the Christ, which means “The Anointed One” and we are “anointed ones” if we have received Christ in our hearts and are filled and led by His Spirit of Holiness. This means we also operate in His authority, the Authority of the Author of our faith, Jesus Christ.


Let’s go deeper with Christ at Home and from Home to our workplaces and not just have 2020 vision with greater revelation of who Christ is, but also have 2020 hearing to listen and understand the Father’s heart and Voice.


Let’s make it our aim to be more like Him in nature and fruitfulness, quick to do His will more effectively as we become more spiritually disciplined, a well-trained army of faith filled, anointed co-workers and co-heirs with Christ, of an unshakeable and eternal Kingdom and prepare the way for the coming King!

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