For the first time the Morning Glory Prophetic Intercessory Worship Team from the United Kingdom went to strengthen and equip the Worshippers and Intercessors in Alicante, Spain followed by visits to Barcelona and Girona. These three Gateway cities are open for the Advance of the Gospel of the Kingdom to reveal Christ at Home and from home to workplace.


Responding in obedience to the Holy Spirit, three of us from the Apostolic Prophetic Training Centre were kindly invited to meet Morning Glory Intercessors and Worshippers in Alicante Spain. This was Morning Glory’s First Fruits in the nations of Europe.


We shared together around spiritual governmental tables in homes and in the city, with Worship, Intercession, Listening to the Voice of the Father, sharing the Word, imparting, equipping and building up the Body of Christ to become mature and to stand firm in their faith as one.


Being a team led by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit orchestrated a divine appointment to encourage and bless the President of the Pastor’s Association for the city of Alicante. The team were so grateful for the testimony of the love of Christ shown by our hosts kind generosity and hospitality in Alicante.



The second city visited was Barcelona in Cataluña where two more of the Apostolic Prophetic Team members joined us from London. In Barcelona, the purpose was to receive training and strengthen kingdom relationships in the Unge (Anoint) Ministry’s European Alignment Encounter, where we were all equipped to be “Faithful Administrators of His Grace”.


The team experienced a Bonus Blessing as the City of Girona opened up to receive the 5 of us on the last day of the mission. Relationships were renewed and strengthened and since previous visits, it was encouraging to see the Church growing in maturity and numerically with adolescents and youth worshipping with all their hearts in the powerful Presence of the Holy Spirit during the fellowship together.


During this trip God showed us how He is opening up key cities in Europe as Apostolic Prophetic Centres with His Divine Order. This will accelerate the move of the Spirit in the nations, through intercessory worship in homes and from homes to workplaces, and through existing congregations and new gatherings of believers in Christ, operating as one in spirit and truth, with the mind of Christ and eternal purpose and will of the Father.


Prophetically it is time for Spain to enter the Kingdom of God and for the Ecclesia to gather and legislate Truth and bring Light to territories, regions, atmospheres, circumstances, families and workplaces.


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