“Pleasing Excellence” 

A Prophetic Word from the Lord for this time

By Rosemary Gibbons


When you love someone, you desire what they desire. In this Pandemic period many people have asked the question ‘What does the Lord want in us as His Ecclesia?’, so one morning I woke up with this word from the Lord which seemed like an answer to this question and the reply was; ‘that which is “Pleasingly Excellent”, that which is of “Pleasing Excellence” for His Majesty’. It is an unusual expression and I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal more of what He really meant by this, and so I started my Pursuit of Excellence for the King of Glory, Jesus Christ.


We generally think of Excellence as something externally apparent and, whilst we may do many things outwardly to care for our body and mind in the pursuit of Excellence, I remembered an encounter in John’s Gospel of Jesus and the woman caught in the act of adultery (which is also a type of covetousness and idolatry). At the end of the encounter, Jesus said to her “do not sin again”. This challenged her internal state which was reflected externally in her actions.


Just moments before, all the religious rabble, who had accused her, had left the scene one by one, unable to execute judgement because of the knowledge of their own imperfect lives of sin; and so Jesus said; “Is there no-one left to condemn you?” “No-one Lord” she replied. “Then neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”. I suddenly realised, this is the ‘Pleasing Excellence’ the Lord is looking for in our lives!


This is what He is wanting to find in each one of us, in His Body, the Ecclesia, Pleasing Him with Excellence.  It is an excellence, primarily of the spirit, which governs the soul. It is ‘sin-less-ness’ and His ‘Spirit-full-ness’. He wants us to experience the Fulness is His Deity, which is His Authority and Power ruling and reigning in us, as we love Him by obeying His Word, His commands and instructions. 


He would like to find excellence in love, the obedience to His revealed and written Word, the prophetic word, the promptings of the Spirit, our consciousness, the conviction of faith.


Do we desire to please Him as our Father? What is our response to His love? As we freely give our lives back to Him daily, loving Him as his sons and daughters, then we will discover the life of his Holy Spirit leading each one of us, and corporately with each other, in the strong bond of love, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Together we’ll grow in becoming pleasingly excellent for the King of Glory!



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