Equipping the Body of Christ – On Saturday the 2nd of November, the “Christ at Home” Mobilisation Training School experienced a powerful and strategic prophetic convocation of the Holy Spirit with the Ekklesia from the Heart of England uniting with the Head of the Nation in the Capital, London.


Apostolic Prophetic Leaders, Steve and Jenny Watson from the Kingdom Advance Network (KAN) based in Burton-Upon-Trent came with their Prophetic Intercessory Worship Team to collaborate with the Christ at Home Team in London and, together with one spirit and eternal purpose, train and equip the nations present, to reveal and establish the Life of Christ at Home and from home to workplace.


The Body of Christ was trained and activated through the proclamation of specific prophetic words, which established the Government of Christ through Apostolic and Prophetic Intercessory Worship.


Three Teaching Sessions followed this, on how the Apostolic gifting establishes what God has decreed, with the understanding that as God mobilises the Body of Christ the Church built and the Kingdom is released.


The Time-frame is God’s and we need to watch the “clock” of Israel to know what is happening in the nations and be like the sons of Issachar who were mature and knew the times and seasons.  This means we need to be intimately acquainted with the Holy Spirit and operate in faith alone.


Extreme times require extreme people that are those who are not ordinary, average or mediocre, but whole-hearted in their relationship with God, which will lead you to be above average as average keeps you confined in a box.


Our reach is the nations and this demands radical steps of faith. We cannot let finances dictate, nor can we let man dictate. God wants to do something unique; He wants to give us a key. You are part of a corporate key. The Word of God shows us the Key of David is to open things that cannot be opened any other way.


Prophetically we heard how the Key of David has three notches, which represent the Priest, King and Prophet Ministries. This was accomplished in Jesus Christ and now is given to us as His true Royal Priesthood to declare and decree what Christ, the Word, is revealing to us from the Father.


The Prophet and gift of the prophetic opens all the gifts, because as we hear His voice we are empowered to operate in all the other gifts. In Psalm 47, we are taught to sing praise with understanding and as we move by faith and obedience, we hear and declare the Prophetic with Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship.


In Hebrew there are seven words for these three types of utterance; Thanksgiving testifies about what He’s done, His works. In Thanksgiving, we enter into His Presence and circle, but we ascend through Praise. We Praise Him for who He is. His names magnify Him and His dominion and we become more acquainted with Him as we praise Him. In praise, we focus on Him and so the world will focus on Him too. Then we can move into true Worship, which is totally selfless, like the woman with the perfume from the alabaster box, that was poured out over Jesus feet, and the fragrance filled the whole room.


In Prayer, we hear from God but in Intercession, we stand in the gap between earth & heaven. We actively, stand against the enemy rather than praying against him. We uproot works of darkness, tear down rebellious arguments and the Intercessor brings together and reconciles people to God, and people to people through Him.


Apostolic Prophetic Intercessory thanksgiving, praise and worship reconciles heaven to earth and earth to Heaven’s eternal Purpose through Christ the great Intercessor.


The following teaching was about “My House will be a house of prayer for all the nations”. The revelation was to become a personal and corporate Mobile House of Prayer.  God is mobilising His sons and daughters of the spirit to come into Alignment with the song of the Father and the intercession of the Son through the Holy Spirit.


It is time for the church to recover her position, in Christ, in heavenly places, where everything is resolved and appears “flat”; there are no “mountains” (problems, negativity, and darkness) there! We need to learn to intercede from our position in Christ and not from our earthly position. To recover her position we need to be with Christ more than doing many activities for Him.


It is necessary to understand that as we live and express the Nature of the Spirit-life, it is a relationship beyond a moment or time of intimacy; it is a life of intimacy. We learnt how to operate from the divine nature, focused on the things that are above which is to focus on Christ.


The centrality of everything is discovered in Deuteronomy 6:1-9 where our heavenly Father shows us his three priorities for life that it may go well with our generations and us. These priorities are His Word, His Children (generations) and His Love.


All three are linked, because if we love Him we will keep His Word and He will make His home with us (John 14:23). Likewise, if we do not love Him by disregarding His Word, he will forget our children because we have voluntarily rejected Him (Hosea 4:6). To neglect, reject, turn our back on, or disobey His Word is to reject Him. We demonstrate our love for Him as we teach and train our children to know Him through His Word, which is Spirit to our spirit and Life to our life (John 6:63). He wants to see our face not our back and He wants to walk and talk with us face to face.










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