Repositioning the Ecclesia to Govern by the Spirit

During the recent “Christ at Home” Mission trip to Alicante, Spain, Prophet Barbara Chambers, who is part of the Apostolic and Prophetic Team, received this Prophetic Word:


‘The Lord is repositioning the sons of the Spirit in the *Ecclesia in the spheres of Government, Education, Economy, Media, Arts, Families and the Market Place. This is bringing the Government of Christ, which is the Kingdom of God, to our careers and ministries to accomplish the purpose and plan of God through us and to bring Glory to Him through the extension of His Kingdom in the Earth.’


Barbara saw the Lord calling the Worshippers and Intercessors in the Spirit through the Morning Glory meetings to release what God wants over Spain and the nations.


The Lord is bringing divine realignment and mobilising the Army of the Spirit with great authority and power, pushing back the darkness and releasing great light and Glory. It was encouraging to witness the younger generation of Worshippers and Intercessors in Alicante were ready to enter into this Apostolic and Prophetic calling.


The Holy Spirit arranged every meeting and it was clear to the Intercessory Team that God is preparing the Intercessor Maricarmen for a greater work. We also had the privilege of meeting Pastor Claudio, the President of the Pastors Association in Alicante, who received the Prophetic Word of the Lord.


Barbara declared, ‘The Lord has prepared those who are moving by His Spirit.’ “‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord” Zechariah 4:6.


The Lord is building His Body globally by his Spirit, and those who are not aligned with God’s Plan and building in the Spirit in this hour, are building in vain; “Unless the LORD builds the house, they labour in vain who build it” Psalms 127:1.


It is time to encounter the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. He is equipping the Body and building His Kingdom through His Ecclesia. He is transforming Man into Christ’s image, not into a ‘better version’ of Man’s image. Governed by the Spirit, the Father’s heart is to see the Ecclesia as one with His Son Jesus Christ, and then the world will know the Father.


This starts with Christ at Home and governing from home to workplace when families spend time in a deeper relationship with the Father. Barbara said she saw the power of relationship when Christ is the Centre of the Home bringing order and releasing divine prophetic purposes and plans for the family with the impartation of His love through one another.


The Lord is mobilising the Army of the Spirit in the Earth, there will be a great invasion of the seven mountains of influence in the nation, an acceleration of the Kingdom of God with miracles, signs, wonders, and His Glory manifest through the repositioned Ecclesia governing by the Spirit globally.



*Definition of Ecclesia: Assembly of Governors

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