“Sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth.” Psalm 96:1 NIV*



There’s a sound of convocation, it’s a song of surrender, love, thankfulness and deliverance, it’s a prophetic song. Revelation 1:10 tells us that while the Apostle John was worshipping in the Spirit, he suddenly heard a loud voice behind him like a trumpet, and he saw the One seated on Heaven’s Throne, and as he worshipped, the One on the Throne was revealed to him as the Lord, and he received a new assignment. The Lord is calling us to sing a new song, take our position and enter new territory with Prophetic Worship and Intercession.


He is calling us into greater intimacy with Him and to do His will so that entire families will be born again and established to impact their communities and nations, conquering new territories, worshipping with new songs in diverse tongues and manifesting His Life and Power.


It is a new and different Era where we will see new horizons, new strategies, new opportunities, new callings, new promotions, new levels and dimensions for the “Daughter of Zion”. As the Ekklesia, we rejoice at the sound of the Trumpet, and as good administrators of the Kingdom we do not only hear the new sound but put into practice the Word that is being revealed to us through it.


We are entering a time where the Holy Spirit is imparting His Power for us to be a testimony and to testify and reveal the Life of Christ Jesus, who touched a Leper with His hand and healed him, forgave him and transformed his life from the inside out. In the same way the Lord is leading us to the “lepers”, the rejected in society, to impart His forgiveness, healing and new nature as He makes everything new.


Through Christ we will see instant and creative miracles, He is waking us up to use the gifts of healing, faith, miracles, and deliverance. Galatians 5:6 reminds us, it is important to remember that faith is expressed through love. It is a season where we will not focus on the healings and miracles but centre on Christ Jesus through whom the miracles happen.


It is time for each one of us and our families to Worship and Intercede Prophetically every day and have a new song in our mouths and so walk with divine wisdom and Grace, which is sufficient for our daily lives.  Sing a new song!


*Prophetic Word from the ‘Morning Glory’ Network of Kingdom Prophetic Worshippers and Intercessors in the UK and Nations of Europe.


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