The 5 Giants that come against your faith and How to knock them Out! (Pt 2)




In Part 1 we learnt how the first three Giants of Fear, Negativity and Doubt are “knocked out” by Love, the Word of God and Divine Wisdom and now we turn to face the fourth Giant of Scepticism that comes against our Faith, like David and Goliath get your sling ready to defeat this one in your life-


The fourth Giant of SCEPTICISM looks like doubt but has experienced hurts, offences and is injured and often reacts with anger. Jesus’ disciple Thomas was a Sceptic, expressed by his desire to see and touch the evidence, of Jesus bodily Resurrection, before he believed (John 20:25). He was hurt, disappointed and disillusioned, he adopted a victim mentality and was full of self-pity. The hopes of being in Jesus’ “Cabinet” to rule and reign with the other disciples in Jesus forthcoming Government (Kingdom) had been lost when Jesus offered himself up to be crucified. He thought it was all over, all had been lost, hopeless and helpless, his best friend and Hero, Jesus the Liberator was dead and gone forever.


But then Jesus resurrected from the dead (as He said he would but who was listening?) and He appeared to His disciples when Thomas was “out for lunch”, so Thomas was offended and hurt. He became contentious, obstinate and frustrated. Thomas’ experience was that Jesus always knew everything about everyone and he was hurt because Jesus would have known that Thomas would not have been in the group at the time when Jesus appeared to the other disciples after his resurrection. So it was like adding salt to the open wound of recent grief when Thomas heard Jesus had risen and had appeared to his friends but not to him! He felt rejected, sidelined, left out, marginalised, excluded from the group. Does that sound or feel familiar?


Thomas reverted to the cultural thinking of his environment, the Greek mentality and culture of his time, which is still with us today, and he said “unless I see…I will not believe”, but Jesus said “believe then you will see”!

And Jesus also knew that Thomas, like many sceptics and those with sceptical attitudes in their lives, needed that special PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with Him, the PRESENCE OF JESUS would bring him PEACE, true reconciliation, healing and return faith to His hurt and angry soul (John 20:26 & 27).


Thomas, as for many sceptics who find the Truth when they have a special encounter with Christ and are healed, became one of the apostles that went the furthest for Jesus. (It is believed he went to South India). Those who return to Him, repenting of unbelief, and believe Him without seeing Him are blessed, Jesus said (John 20:29).


The ANTIDOTE to defeat Scepticism is to have a PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with Jesus Christ and His PRESENCE will bring the PEACE and healing you need. The evidence is renewed faith and conviction, knowing you are secure in His Love for you. He hasn’t abandoned or forgotten you, you have a Father, you have a great purpose, and so you worship Him, and serve Him, going all out for Him. You have nothing to loose, everything to gain! Like Thomas, recognise the Lordship of Christ, live and declare He is “My Lord and My God!”.

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