In previous weeks we were equipped with the tools to “knock out” the giants that come against our faith, namely; Fear, Negativity, Doubt and Skepticism and how to defeat them with Love, the Word of God, Divine Wisdom and a Personal Encounter with Jesus Christ. Today we are tackling the fifth and last Giant of Cynicism.


Cynicism should not be confused with scepticism which, as we learnt last week, looks like doubt, but has experienced hurts, offences and injury and often reacts with anger; however Cynicism often results from disappointed idealism. Now we will look at the origin that makes CYNICISM one of the biggest and malevolent giants to be defeated in our personal lives, families and society today.


The Cynics were a group of Greek philosophers, who believed in self-sufficiency, and an independent spirit. Their leader walked around naked, proudly indicating an “I, me and myself” attitude, “I am in total control of my environment, there are no boundaries”. This demonstrated a total lack of shame for God’s divine moral order, righteousness and truth. Perversion is a deviation or distortion of the Truth and at its root is PRIDE.


The only answer and ANTIDOTE for the proud cynical spirit is “HUMBLE yourself under the mighty hand of God for He opposes the proud but gives Grace to the Humble” (I Peter 5:5-9)


It is important to repent of submitting to any of these giants that have caused unbelief in our hearts and minds: Fear, Negativity, Doubts, Scepticism and Cynicism (Pride). Knock them out! Use and receive the Antidotes which are; The Father’s Perfect Love, Be Thankful & declare the Living Word, Ask for Divine Wisdom, Continually seek The Presence of God and be reconciled to Him to receive Peace & Healing, Humble yourself and be obedient.


Declare; I walk by faith, I am justified by faith, and there is no condemnation for me because I am in Christ.


Apply this teaching to yourself and your family to live by faith and not by sight, to walk in the spirit not in the flesh (Romans 5:1; 8:1-2; Galatians 5:16) and you are now set up to do and see the impossible become possible, the invisible visible and connect Heaven to earth!


Next week we will tackle UNBELIEF in more depth.

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