The world is facing increased pressure and strain on family, work and social relationships, and this is causing fear, anxiety and puts stress on our spiritual, physical and mental health; so, here is a “Spiritual Recipe” for a healthy strong heart, centred and affirmed in God’s will, and with the empowerment of our Divine Helper, the Holy Spirit, your every day life will be transformed into a supernatural life “above the common ‘hum-drum’ routine”. This is what Jesus called the “Abundant Life” in the Gospel of John 10:10”. So here it is, as easy as 1,2,3!


The best recipe for a strong heart:-

1-Rejoice always

2-Pray constantly

3-Give Thanks always…


1. Rejoice always -even when you don’t feel like it? Re-Joice literally means “enjoy again” repeated joy! A constant state or nature of joy! Joy is not the same as happiness remember. Here are some differences between joy and happiness:-

Happiness depends on your soul reacting to your circumstances or environment but Joy is part of your new spiritual nature with Christ, whatever the circumstance!


Joy is part of the governing nature of the Spirit of God, and part of the spirit He has put in every human being made in his likeness and image. When you receive Christ you receive His Holy Spirit and His Spirit becomes one with your spirit and activates His Joy in you!


Joy is a key mark of a believer and child of God (John 15:32). An unbeliever only experiences happiness as they are governed by their soul (flesh) which is unstable and vulnerable, it is more superficial (not deep like joy) due to it being soulish and reactionary to its’ environment. So, Joy is a governing instrument of the Holy Spirit, but happiness is subject to a cause or external stimulus.


Joy is eternal but happiness is temporal. Happiness and merriment can be caused by vices and foolishness but joy is the spiritually natural and appropriate response, in purity, to Truth and God’s divine goodness, grace and mercy found in Jesus Christ. When you truly know Him, joy overflows into a life of worship and loving service to others.


Joy is accompanied by Justice and peace in God’s perfect Government -(His Kingdom – Romans 14:17). The Trinity of; the Justice of the Father, demonstrated in the reconciling Peace of the Son produces Joy in the Spirit with the Father and the Son. This joy is corporate as it manifests in all his children who have been justified through the blood of the Lamb and reconciled to Him as a result!


Joy comes with understanding God’s Word, which is spirit and life, and imparts strength to those who practice it! John 6:63 and Nehemiah 8:10-12. The spirit realm rules over the physical realm, and as we worship God, read and understand His Word, we receive His joy and our spirit becomes strong and physical strength and life follow!


In the Word of God your heart is the “seat” of the Spirit. The spiritual engine and centre of operations of your life. It’s important for it to be healthy and functioning well! As you grow in knowing and loving the Lord with all your heart you experience His joy!

His Joy is more contagious than any virus! Let Joy Rule! You will be spiritually strong because you will have a healthy strong heart!


Join us for Part 2 Next week!


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