Last week we discovered the first ingredient for a spiritually strong and healthy heart was to “Re-joice always”, repeated Joy, to be in a constant state or nature of Joy. This is only possible because this ingredient is part of our new spiritual nature in Christ. It is not dependant on our temporary circumstances but experienced in a loving relationship with the Holy Spirit as we engage with Him to empower and govern our lives. Now we will add two more essential ingredients to the mix for a healthy strong heart:


2. Pray constantly – you cannot eat constantly or talk constantly or run constantly but you can pray constantly! How? Prayer is simply your spiritual expression or communication with God. God is Spirit so prayer is your spirit speaking with God‘s Spirit.


If you have been born again spiritually through Jesus Christ then His Holy Spirit is in you and is One with your spirit in a common union. In the physical realm you are constantly using your five physical senses to communicate with your-self and others without thinking about it! In the same way, when you are born again you have woken up spiritually and use your five spiritual senses of listening, seeing, smelling, touching and tasting God.

David the prophetic songwriter & worshipper said “Taste and see the Lord is good”! There is a spiritual experience between your spirit and God’s Spirit that is good and impacts everything in your life!


There are multiple expressions of prayer or communicating with God, His Presence in us means we are in His Presence also. He becomes our environment which  we acknowledge and respond to, first spiritually and then physically. We sense His Presence in us and we respond to Him in prayer. Through praying and meditating on God’s word, worshipping, loving and serving others etc your spirit can be engaged constantly with him!

Speaking in tongues out aloud or inwardly in the spirit engages you immediately with the Holy Spirit who is praying and interceding 24/7. Using this spiritual language he gives us is like tuning in to his frequency – and the more you practice using your spiritual senses the more ‘second nature’ or, maybe we should say, 
‘first nature’ it becomes! In 1 Corinthians 14 apostle Paul explains how tongues with the gift of interpretation is equivalent to prophecy. It is the prophetic word which brings breakthrough, is creative, builds up spiritually, restores lives, makes you and others stronger and advances the Kingdom of God!


To pray constantly is to have the continual companionship of Jesus Christ by His Spirit and experience His transforming power! Now let’s turn to the third ingredient to give you greater vitality:


3. Give Thanks always – thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for what we have received in prayer, in salvation, healing and freedom from our sinful, disobedient nature and curses, as well as expressing our heartfelt thanks to Him for being who He is will transform you and your day!


Also, when we are thankful to God we become more thankful towards others. We develop a generous spirit, humble and grateful, open-hearted, more sensitive and kind. The diversity of how we express our thanksgiving is such a powerful arsenal for well-being, both individually and corporately in our families, communities and nations.


So, now let’s put it into practice everyday!

Dig deep into the wells of our salvation and draw out JOY! Stay spiritually tuned in to the Holy Spirit listening and speaking with Him constantly in PRAYER and GIVE THANKS always for, and in everything, especially for who Christ is – God is Love! And don’t forget to express it to your nearest and dearest -the essence of love is a giving, generous spirit which enjoys Life (Christ) and imparts that joy to those around you.

Let’s shift the atmosphere of negativity and oppression in our families, workplaces and nations in the spirit and by faith! In relationship with our Divine Helper the Holy Spirit, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


The best recipe for a strong heart:-

1-Rejoice always

2-Pray constantly

3-Give Thanks always…


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