Through worship we confront spiritual sterility and give birth to a fruitful Life of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit filled life satisfies our deepest needs and desires, as He guides and helps us through an intimate relationship to know our heavenly Father and His perfect will.

Father God is seeking Worshippers who worship Him in spirit and in truth.

In Mary He found a worshipper with a spiritual and physical womb ready for conception and birth.

The prophetic Word given to her was the seed. She received the Word by faith.

The conception between the Spirit and the prophetic Word conceived the Truth incarnate (made flesh) in Jesus Christ.

All this happened in a Faith filled environment of the spiritual and physical womb of one who worshipped Father God, Yahweh, the great I AM. Worship is the first response and expression of faith.

Mary was already intimate with the Father through worship. So after she believed, she worshipped and then conceived, nurtured, cared for and gave birth to Life! The Word of Truth, the prophetic promise, and her prophetic praise became a seen reality in the birth of Jesus Christ.

What you continue to worship will grow to possess all of you for good or for evil. Choose God and you will be fruitful and have eternal Life (Intimate Union with the Father and the Son) choose anything else and you will grow sterile, stagnate and meet eternal separation from life (death).

The root word of worship is service, and now Mary would know the joy of a mother’s intimacy as she submitted to the Holy Spirit and served Him with her spiritual and physical womb to nurture and care for the life of the Son of Man, the Son of God, the Christ, Jesus Himself.

Many people confess to have the Truth (Jesus Christ) in their lives and the Holy Spirit as well, but if there is no worship springing up from their spiritual womb, then there is no environment for the Word of the Spirit of Truth to conceive, grow and have strength to give birth to the perfect will of God, which is, the image and likeness (nature and character) of Christ in us, as his spiritual sons and daughters.

In an environment of freedom from sin, prophetic worship provokes the Word and Spirit to be in perfect Unión so that there will be conception and much fruit.

In the book of John 15 : 7-8 Jesus said remain in me (spirit) and let my words (the word) remain in you.,.as you will bear much fruit. Fruit is the result of conception, growth and maturity over time, and the result of fruitfulness is joy and completeness!

New Life birthed in you and through you to others.

Self must die for new life to break forth. Jesus persevered through suffering and death on the cross – ‘for the joy set before him, he endured the cross despising it’s shame’, whatever you’re going through, the end of the story is joy!

By faith stretch out your arms and embrace your cross. Die to selfish living and worship the Giver of Life!

His Holy Spirit will come upon you and conceive with His prophetic Word, a turn around, a realignment, a repositioning, an elevation, a transformation, a new destiny in your nature and character, into His image and likeness, into His love and faithfulness, into the Father’s forgiveness, acceptance and approval, into His eternal plan and purpose for your life.

Choose to be a worshipper in spirit and truth and the Father will find you and make you into more than you ever imagined!

He heals, saves, delivers, restores, rebuilds, renews, restitutes the stolen or wasted years because, in him, nothing is ever wasted, even your tears he has collected, all your hairs are numbered and your unique fingerprints are his detail. He knows how you’re ‘wired’ and there is no place too dark or too distant he cannot reach and rescue.

When you cry out like Jonah, and Worship out of the “pit”, he can direct ‘the fish’ (your adverse circumstances) to land you on the beach!

You never need to be sterile again, confront it with Worship and be fruitful and multiply!

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